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    Bulk email script

    $350.00 $99.00
    • Its quick, fast and flexible
    • Flexible pricing plan
    • A responsive team to resolve your issues instantly
    • Four types of membership packages
    • User can create a group
    • Users email count for separate in total, send, receive and left
    • Users can view the email send report
    • Custom template
    • Admin can send newsletter through user
    • Secure admin panel
    • Admin can view the site statics
    • Admin can manage the member report

    We offer the software with full source code and we provide bug free technical support for 10 years and update for 5 years so that you can focus keen into your business. We also provide full customized software as per your requirement, since we have 1400+ clients all around the world.

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    Mass Mail Script

    $99.00 $51.00


    • Articles: The admin can view and manage to edit, delete all the articles separately. They also create new articles with a new title, content, category and status.
    • Categories: The admin can view and manage to edit, delete all the categories separately. They can also create new categories with a new name, description, parent and status.
    • They can view all the users, edit their details and create new user.
    • Monetization: The admin can monetize payment gateways, price plans, orders, promotion codes, currencies and taxes and manage all these categories separately.
    • The admin can view and manage all the payment gateways.
    • The admin can view the details of customers’ status and new customers. The customer groups and their mails can be viewed and managed.
    • The admin can view and edit all email templates gallery and upload new templates. And view the all the emails sent and received.
    • They can control and upload new core extensions, themes, languages.
    • They can see the details of IP address, countries and zones.
    • They can manage the miscellaneous activities like logs of campaign delivery and campaign bounce, transactional emails and emergency actions.

    We have a quiet good experience of 14 years in ecommerce field and we provide 10 years free technical support + 5 years free updates after you purchase the script from us. We impart you with best SEO techniques and fully optimized coding management.

    Server requirements

    Linux operating system (windows might work but not supported)
    Apache Webserver – version 2.x
    PHP >= 5.2 (php >= 5.4 recommeded for high delivery speed)
    MySQL >= 5.1 with InnoDB storage engine
    Cron Jobs access (linux cron jobs not web crons)

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    Elance clone

    $199.00 $99.00

    Elance Clone facilitates service buyers to post their buying requirements and service providers to place their bids in order to get the job. Powered by PHP/MySQL combination, this freelance auction script designed with integrated tools for rapid deployment of viable solution. The iNet Freelance script comes with web-based administrative panel and has capabilities like manage users, financial transactions, categories and all relevant aspects of the system. The built-in accounting system helps to monitor earnings, monitor transactions, choose payment solutions and set commission rates or flat fee chargeable to freelancers and webmasters both. Payment for freelancers made after they successfully finish the job.

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    Php job board script

    $199.00 $99.00

    Our Job board script is a web based solution to build a multi-functional Job Portal. It has very advanced tools for employers and job seekers online. The main special features of our script include

    • Job seeker module
    • Administrative features
    • SEO friendly
    • Auto re-size image
    • Ajax and J-query features
    • Responsive design
    • Advanced dashboard
    • Custom field

    Our wordpress job portal themes are suitable not only for job listing websites but also for freelance job portal. We offer 10 years free support, 5 years update and brand free. Our coding and functionalities are highly customizable to suit the business concepts. So choosing our jobsite script will be the best option to launch your job site.

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    Advanced Job Search Engine Script

    $23.00 $12.00

    Our PHP job search engine is an intensive and powerful advanced  Job Search Engine  developed in PHP. This script begin your own jobs search portal.


    • Fully search engine optimized
    • Results with pagination
    • Real-time search engine with added filter options to search latest jobs across the world.
    • Search jobs from more than 70 and above countries in any language and for any niche of jobs keyword.
    • Showcase more than 1000 above results for each keywords and usage of pagination.
    • Added database driven gives us ability to manage the things with ease without going merely into coding level.

    API Details
    Our script uses the Jobseeker API. As it provide the multiple API integrated solution for jobs niche. It is safeguard from the multiple API modification which make the script useless when the structure API got change.

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    PHP Micro Jobs Script

    $99.00 $51.00

    Once the item is purchased automatically creates the in-voice. Our PHP Micro Jobs Script automatically creates user profile.

    Our technology is always light weighted, easy installation, 24/7 support and 3rd party plug-in support. It is filled with various advantages like

    • 10 years support
    • 5 years update
    • Brand free
    • Responsive design
    • Free and paid membership package
    • User feedback system
    • Profile rating plug-in
    • Detailed dashboard
    • Automatic invoice
    • Different user level
    • Multiple third party plug-in support
    • 20 plus payment gateway plug-in
    • Built-in advertisement
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    Basic Job Site Script

    $399.00 $99.00

    Readymade Job Site Script Features:

    • User registration/Employer registration/admin panel
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Adding category and sub-category with no limits
    • Email and SMS notifications
    • Job Invite
    • Job posting
    • Job seeker/provider dashboard
    • Resume management
    • Job search

    Why PHP script small Jobsite Script

    Our monster clone script has various admin settings like SEO Meta tag, your address, Payment Gateway, email ID etc., that can be set from admin panel, we provide no hidden cost for script. We provide free installation, 10 years free technical support and 5 years free update on our PHP job site scripts. We deliver your script in a day and makes it live within 3 hours. Our script can be customized based on your requisite if you want, we have dedicate 20 PHP developer team to support our client , so please contact our technical team for any script customization.

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    Naukri Clone Script

    $2,200.00 $285.00

    Naukri clone developed based on many aspects to get faster search result on job search module with its Ajax and advanced search .The entire Structure is sensible through simple to utilize Admin Panel so handling this job portal as a admin it’s not to give any complication basic internet surfing skill will do it better in here.

    We have developed several applications for recruitment industry based on our experience; we took some additional features from and for our Naukri Clone Script and Monster Clone Script. We have more than 300 clients over the globe. We will offer 10 years support, 5 years update, and brand free and free installation for our monster clone script.

    Advance Job Search
    Cover Letter Module
    Resume Builder
    Placement Paper
    Today’s Walk-in
    Online Test
    Online Tutorial
    Job Response

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    Entrepreneur Job Portal Script

    $2,025.00 $525.00

    Job Portal Script is a revolutionary PHP script allows you to create your own job search portal, with unique features. With the professionally developed naukri clone script can recruiters post Jobs and use many new Features. The monster clone script can act as a search Engine friendly to gain better Promotion Aspects at search Engines. The whole Structure is manageable through easy to use Admin Panel.

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    Email Blaster Script

    $49.00 $19.00

    Even after you bought the Email Blaster Script also we will be there with you a long time because we provide 10 Years we can give assurance if you face any bugs issues on the given script means we can solve it for the free of cost. Main thing this whenever we do the updating on the Email Blaster Script you can get the updates for the five years that means we will provide 5 years service update for this script. Another benefit is it’s purely a brand free product so that you can name your own name for the branding.

    Our Email Marketing Script allows you to spread the news about your products or services to a big audience in a short period of time, you can create and send unlimited emails to any number of recipients with professional high-performance. Bulk email software for your bulk email marketing campaigns is the flexibility of a bulk email web services you can promote your business in simple steps as in below.

    Step 1: Enter you’re from and reply to mail id.
    Step 2: Select your mailing list as in csv, txt or xls file format.
    Step 3: if need to attach any attachment document or images mean you can select that attachment files otherwise you can skip it.
    Step 4: Enter your mail subjects and mail contents
    Step 5: you can control the mailing list through the campaign settings without having technical skills like the mails per hour or time out seconds.
    Step 6: once entered the required details you can click the submit button after that you will get the mail sending response.

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    Select Your College Script

    $700.00 $176.00

    We allow many user friendly segregations like Arts College, engineering colleges, medical colleges and other different categories that can be managed through admin. We know well that for any website generating revenue is one of the most important factors. And thus taking this into consideration we have clearly navigated the banner management system controlled by admin. Using this feature you can generate more revenue for your website. We also have lot of CMS pages like privacy policy, feedback, FAQ, about us etc and these are the features that can be edited through admin.

    Our School, college classified website script offers many advantages to the customers. It is developed for multipurpose with lots of options to choose like universities, colleges, schools and institutes. Our script has all the necessary details needed to select the college based upon the location. Here the colleges can be compared and selected based upon the standards which the user expects.

    Our education classified listing script has an option that the users can search the college with respect to the location. It also consists of advanced options that the users can ask and answer the questions posted in the website regarding the college or institutes. They can even visit, create or join the blogs to have better knowledge about the institute. The colleges can post their ads with banners and logos to show their college popularity to the public.

    You can have an added advantage from us that our active technical team 24/7 to support you technically. Having all these advanced features it is the best option for those who planning to start their own college search website.

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    College Management Script

    $300.00 $75.00

    Perceiving the need for the advanced college management software, Inet has developed new, essential, enhanced college management product to keep the management team out of laden works and tension. The product is the solution for the need of the hour college management software. The product which is developed after the extensive study of college needs, departments, surveys and researches with the help of our expert team to make the software most compatible, user friendly and effective.

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    Schools Alert Management Script

    $200.00 $51.00

    Schools alert Management System is a comprehensive product incorporated with the entire essential features, which are indispensible for the administration of a school or an institution. The inbuilt mailing option can be used to send and receive messages within the group and share the information. The options have been provided to the Admin to possess full control over the site to manage the profile of the staff, salary details, attendance details, meetings details etc.

    The website administrator can provide each school management a unique username and password on receiving fixed fees, which the school management can use as if their own website and upload and share information to others.

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    Student profile management system

    $500.00 $125.00

    Studentstaff Profile Management System is a comprehensive system for information management of the students. The daily updates of the college management such as Admission, Registration to finance, faculty and business development can be uploaded with the database. The module reduces the human error that could disturb the database, and ensures accuracy of information, which can be accessed anywhere and any point of time.

    Staff profile management system have separate module which is assigned to the parents can be a useful page, through which they can monitor their children activities. They can access the information such as attendance, grades, feedbacks and remarks from their concerned teachers. The real time information access both from the administrative as well as the parent’s login can initiate good communication.

    The Studentstaff Profile Management System designed in such as way that even a layman can use and access the information. The simple user interface, its intuitive features and many important modules make the product more preferable comparing to other products available in the current market. The efficient security features and data security privacy make the product unique and most favorable among the product users.

    The integrated email facility which helps to send and receive messages within group is available with the product. Ourstudents Student profile management system supports school, colleges and institutions’ daily operations and eliminates the data entry errors, maintains most up to date information and maintains the essential history records for the future uses.

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    Online Test Script

    $300.00 $75.00

    Online test script is a php based web application to create and manage online quiz, test, and exam on your web site. Our online test software Add and manage unlimited users or students. You can create unlimited groups of users which help you to assign different quiz to different users and you can manage questions by categories (eg. PHP, SEO)
    A user friendly module available for all the modules, user can jump to any question and question loads instantly after click on question number or next/back button. Result display instantly after submitting answer. You can add unlimited institutes/organization account through admin. It helps to provide online quiz management services.

    Why from us?

    100% source code without any encryption.
    You can modify or customize script.
    Free installation & support service
    10 years support & 5 years update

    You should be able to use this software from anywhere with the help of a browser. They are very smart, powerful and very easy to use. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the security as it is very safe and reliable.

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