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    Advance eCommerce Script

    $75.00 $149.00

    User-Friendly: Our Advance e-Commerce Store is developed in extremely user-friendly manner so that the users can easily view the products by the various search options such as search with brand name, name of the product etc. They can also easily view the stock details and wishlist .

    Blogs, Newsletters, Testimonials: The script supports for blogs, newsletters and testimonials which gives your website good ranking in Google as well generate some revenue for you.

    Admin Management: PHP Ecommerce Script gives full website control rights to the admin. The admin can manage all the orders, reports, coupons, products, brands, CMS pages, site language.

    Easy Monetization: The admin can earn good profits by setting percentage of commission for vendor transactions and also through various banner ads.

    SEO Friendly: The Advance e-Commerce Store has a very SEO friendly URL so that your website will always remain in top rank of the Google search pages.

    Security: We have a highly secure code which will keep your website free from hacker attacks. Also we have the Two Factor Authentication for the login security which is used in Banks and Military services.

    Social Media & Payment Gateway: Our script is integrated with various social media and also supports multiple payment gateway.

    Personalization: We have a live demo to give you clear picture of how the product actually works and you can easily personalize as per your suitable needs since we have developed using open source code.

    Support Post-Sales: Our support continues even after you buy the product. We offer full technical support for 10 years, 5 years free update and brand free product!

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    Advance MLM Script

    $299.00 $1,199.00

    MLM business upward day by day, Open Source MLM Script plays an important role for successful multilevel marketing business. Our advanced featured PHP MLM Script enables MLM companies to manage and run their express selling business more effectively towards a successful way.

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    Advanced Job Search Engine Script

    $12.00 $23.00

    Our PHP job search engine is an intensive and powerful advanced  Job Search Engine  developed in PHP. This script begin your own jobs search portal.


    • Fully search engine optimized
    • Results with pagination
    • Real-time search engine with added filter options to search latest jobs across the world.
    • Search jobs from more than 70 and above countries in any language and for any niche of jobs keyword.
    • Showcase more than 1000 above results for each keywords and usage of pagination.
    • Added database driven gives us ability to manage the things with ease without going merely into coding level.

    API Details
    Our script uses the Jobseeker API. As it provide the multiple API integrated solution for jobs niche. It is safeguard from the multiple API modification which make the script useless when the structure API got change.

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  • Affiliate Ecommerce Script

    Affiliate Ecommerce Script



    We are a leading ecommerce development company for the past 14 years. We have developed the latest product, affiliate ecommerce script based on our experience in this field and the feedback from our clients. We are capable to have control over the sales, commission and overall wish list of our website.

    We have pre-installed SEO plugin; hence it automatically submits your website for search engine everyday to update for sitemap so that your website will get more visibility for major search engines.

    From the day of purchase we assure 10 years technical support and maintenance for the script at free of cost. Our talented technical team will continuously provide updates for your script; whenever we update we will intimate you for the latest version of scripts. We provide you updates at free of cost for 5 years.


    100% Responsive Layout
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly
    Optimized for Fast Loading
    Compatible with all major browsers (IE 8+ , Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
    Tabless HTML mark-up.
    XHTML 1 .0 Strict valid.
    CSS 3 .0 valid.
    Unlimited Colors
    WordPress 3.8+ Ready
    Revolution Slider($15)
    Easy Widget Posotioning
    9 Post Formats (Standard, Aside, Audio, Link, Image, Gallery, Quote, Status, Video)
    Prototype and Jquery based Javascript (avoid javascript confliction).
    Well-structured and commented HTML & CSS for easy customization.
    installing document
    and much more..

    Compatibility: WooCommerce 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x WordPress 3.8, 3.9, 4.x Dependencies: WordPress, WooCommerce 2.3.x Files Included: CSS, HTML, Images, Javascript, PHP Compatible Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari Why you need to buy with us: Solid Code Quality Incredible 10 years Free TEchnical Support Responsive Design Next 5 years Free update WordPress 4.2.1 Compatible Search Engine Optimized Cross-browser Compatible

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    Amazon Affiliate Store

    $49.00 $99.00

    Cool and Elegant Design – Amazon Affiliate Store comes with cool, clean, and professional design. It is designed like professional online store. So, people probably will think that your site is your own online store and not affiliate store

    Easy to Use – You don’t need to be master or an coding expert to use this theme. It comes with newbie friendly theme panel that you can configure this theme for there, such as; changing stylesheet colors, placing ad code, insert logo, and more..

    Autoupdate Amazon data – This is a cool feature that you maybe will not find it in other theme. Amazon Affiliate Store theme can update automatically amazon data, such as: price, list price, rating, customer reviews, percentage save, and much more Your server must support CURL feature.

    Autograb Images – You don’t need to upload images one by one. This theme can grab images from Amazon automatically..

    Autograb Customer Reviews – This theme can also grab automatically amazon customer reviews, then show it on single post..

    Cool Zooming Effect – Your visitor can see this feature in single post. This theme can show cool zooming effect that will make your affiliate site look more professional.

    5 Stylesheet Colors – Amazon iPad Store comes with 5 stylesheet colors that you can change it easily from theme panel. Those are grey, red, orange, blue, and green.

    Supports 6 Autopost plugin Robot – If you want to create post automatically, you can use autoposting plugin like WP Robot, WP Zonbuilder, Associate Goliath, GetAzon, WP Amaz-one, and Wp Zongrabbing..

    Supports Manual Posting – You can also use this theme for manual blog

    Auto Related Post – Yes, it will increase the conversion. On single post, this theme will show related post automatically after post content, you don’t need to install additional plugin..

    Requirements for Install

    Linux Based Server

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    API based travel booking

    $24.00 $49.00

    Why buy for this website?

    – Hot & Growing Niche
    – Potential to Make Thousands of Dollars per month in PURE Profits
    – Huge Demand for Travel Offers
    – Limitless Growth Potential
    – 100% Automated Money Making Website
    – Integrated with the best travel affiliate program:

    Sounds good, how much can I earn?

    – This site converts as high as 30% for targeted traffic
    – Every 3 visitors can make you money with targeted traffic.
    – All you need is drive traffic to the website and watch how much money you can make

    Other Valuable Aspect:

    – No website knowledge is necessary
    – No technical knowledge is necessary
    – No selling experience required
    – Stats and reporting are available on the affiliate websites

    CMS Management :

    – Edit Footer Contents
    – Update CMS Page Contents

    Our Script can get the Affiliates Data From Following Websites .

    You get paid every time someone clicks through one of the results (so for example if a user looks up a hotel in New York City, you’d get paid if they clicked the hotel and are directed to one of the providers, such as Expedia).

    Each user searching for a hotel typically generates up to $4 per lead (the specific amount depends on the result provider, and the users location – I personally have got an average of $1-$1.50 per user).

    Simple math can be used to determine that 1000 leads = approx. $1000 – $2000 income. Even on the lowest level of income ($0.50) you’d get $500 from that!

    Features include:

    • Automated hotel search, with over 2 million deals across the world
    • Automated flight search, comparing thousands of airlines
    • Easy to use HTML content system that allows you to drop html files in a directory, and have it automatically integrate into the design, and get an SEO friendly URL.
    • Get paid on LEADS – meaning people don’t have to actually make a booking for you to get paid!
    • Works on standard PHP 5.3 cPanel hosting
    • All templated, so easy to change the design
    • The only hotel/flight script to provide fully integrated results pages.
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    Article Directory Script

    $49.00 $99.00

    Our Main Advantage are:

    • Google maps, GEO Location
    • Customizable membership packages
    • Members are and management tools
    • Drag & Drop Layouts
    • Ease Text & Color Changes

    Our Revenue Models are:

    • Category listing
    • Banner advertising
    • Membership and ad packages
    • Listing Enhancements
    • Google Adsense
    • Email Marketing

    Why You Should Choose our Theme?

    • Visitor Article Submissions
    • Import CSV or XML files
    • Web based admin area
    • User friendly design tool
    • Website overview charts
    • ON/OFF display options
    • Website Design Tool

    Google Adsense, Analytics and Event tracking

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    Ask Expert Script

    $51.00 $99.00

    Ask Expert Script not only helps the users to freely ask what they wish to know but also serves as a discussion forum to point out or find the specific answer and give their honest views. Main advantage of this script is the VOTING SYSTEM, the viewers can vote for the best answers which in turn helps the other users to find the answers to the popular questions easily.

    Responsive and user friendly: Our product is 100 % responsive and has a user friendly navigation.

    Monetization: The users will pay a certain specified amount in order to post and keep their questions on the top so that they are answered on a priority basis. This will generate a good revenue for you.

    SEO optimization: SEO friendly optimization which will always get your website the maximum number of hits.

    Admin Rights: Admin has the rights to add, delete, modify, manage the categories, sub-categories, postings, reviews, users and perform all activities necessary to run the website .

    Social media integration: Social media integration serves as time saving factor as people do not need to spend much time for registration. They can import their profile from the social media sites by just a single click.

    Customization: Flexible open source code which enables you to easily customize as per your desired requirement.

    Go Next Now: Once you buy the Ask Expert Script, your website will online within the next 24 hours!

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    Automated Travel Script -API Based

    $99.00 $199.00


    This website works as a Search Engine for travelers to find the Best Value Hotels, Flights, as well as Car Rental Deals in planning their trip. The Website has 3 major travel affiliate programs that will pay you when people use this website. The website also has Travel Amazon Store integrated with the site. Visitors buy travel gears from the website & you earn commission from AMAZON!

    All they’ve got to do is to input their desired travel destination, and the relevant dates, and the Search Engine will automatically sift through its database and return only the best deals tailored to the inputted criterion. Each time your traffic CLICKS on the deals suggested by the Search Engine, you’ll be making AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS. The average you can expect to make with this website is $1 – $4 per visitor. This means with as little as 100 visitors per day you could earn $100 – $400 per day.

    There is no limit to the amount you can make per visitor as the affiliate company will pay you per lead. For example, if one visitor clicks on 10 hotel suppliers, you could easily make $10 from that single user.


    This site is professionally designed and developed in such a way that ensures a complete user friendly service. IMPORTANT: You don’t have to make a single sale in order to make money! With this premium design and framework, the site has been developed as user responsive, reliable and superior among its competitors to make sure your user satisfaction. So the more your visitor clicks, the more you earn. Increasing your user’s average time spent on the site increases the chances of more clicks and higher affiliate commission.


    – Hotel search engine (2 million hotel deals & 100 + travel sites)
    – Flight price comparison search engine (More than 1000 deals)
    – Rental car search engine (More than 1000’s of deals)
    – Travel Amazon Store (Over Thousands Products)
    – Travel related videos
    – Awesome travel guide blog area


    This site is 100% AUTO-PILOT. That means the website is fully automated and self updating. All that’s required to start earning money from this website is to drive traffic. Also this website is very newbie friendly as there is no maintenance required.

    – No Programming Skills Needed
    – No Maintenance Time Required
    – It Updates Regularly from the Affiliate Suppliers
    – A 100% auto-pilot Business with great potential
    – An exceptionally designed website


    This site is brand new and has not generated any traffic. To help with the traffic generation, I will include a step by step guide on building traffic. This is my own personal guide that has worked for me without a problem so I know it will work for you. Your business/websites are nothing without marketing so this would be the most important element to anybody’s online success.

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    Autopilot Movie listing script

    $49.00 $99.00

    In this entertainment world everyone prefers to watch movie to reduce their stress. Everyone prefers to watch trailers and reviews of the movies and that makes the decision whether to watch that movie or not. For past 12 years we are in this web development field, we are intended to develop this movie trailer video portal based on the repeated enquiry about this software. This Movie Script is just 49 USD and for this we provide brand free and has full source code. So you can live this website and earn extensively from this online business. This script has a prebuilt plugin and this helps you to receive the trailer videos from the social website YouTube or Vimeo automatically and you need not browse for new videos and spend your valuable time. The trailers get updated on daily basis. The script is also provided with the Google ads and banner ads, which helps to fetch more revenue.

    Movie Script is enabled with categorized presentation, so the admin can import the trailer videos based on their respective categories and they get added into the posts. Based on your business ideology, interest and location you can modify video categories. The script has a substantial admin panel; it is customizable so that email ids, contact links, social media links and other necessary information’s can be modified. The script is installed with easy go steps as the technically expertise crew will guide you all the way.

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    Basic Grocery Store Script

    $75.00 $149.00

    Slider Revolution
    Visual composer
    Mobile Friendly responsive
    Fully Customizable
    Wishlist Functionality
    Product Comparison
    Filter By Brands
    Product Labels

    We had given lots of works in building this Grocery Store Script and we sincerely hope you will enjoy using this Grocery Store Script as much as we enjoyed while developing it.

    These templates are fully responsive so your website can be viewed on any device from mobiles to tablets. You can also make a discount tab which will offer the products that have a discounted price. With these templates you can be sure that your website keeps its professional look as well as efficiency in check.

    Wishlist Functionality

    Allows your visitors to add the products you’re selling to a wishlist, so they can get back later to make a purchase

    Product Comparison

    Product Comparison is an important feature in any grocery store. We’ve provided this feature with our theme with the help of YITH WooCommerce Compare Plugin.

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    Basic Job Site Script

    $99.00 $399.00

    Readymade Job Site Script Features:

    • User registration/Employer registration/admin panel
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Adding category and sub-category with no limits
    • Email and SMS notifications
    • Job Invite
    • Job posting
    • Job seeker/provider dashboard
    • Resume management
    • Job search

    Why PHP script small Jobsite Script

    Our monster clone script has various admin settings like SEO Meta tag, your address, Payment Gateway, email ID etc., that can be set from admin panel, we provide no hidden cost for script. We provide free installation, 10 years free technical support and 5 years free update on our PHP job site scripts. We deliver your script in a day and makes it live within 3 hours. Our script can be customized based on your requisite if you want, we have dedicate 20 PHP developer team to support our client , so please contact our technical team for any script customization.

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    Blog WordPress Theme

    $15.00 $29.00

    Like other blogs you can post text, links, images, videos. Our wordpress blog theme provides full freedom to change the theme style and post as you like. Our script is built with excellent features like

    • Styles for each category
    • Advanced Theme Options
    • Unlimited Styles and Colors
    • Smart Background Option
    • Modifiable Layouts
    • Unlimited Portfolios
    • Customizable Headers
    • Customization of Fonts

    You can avail 10 years of free support, 5 years with latest updates and brand free. If you are planning to launch your own blog website to keep in touch with the group and communities then don’t wait to check our demo. It is the best option to start your own blog.

    Why you need to buy our wordpress theme?
    It has the excellent features like

    • 9×4 Pre-defined layouts
    • Sticky header option
    • Integrated review plug-in
    • Inbuilt Lightbox
    • Integrated translation panel
    • Unlimited color options
    • Demo content included
    • Over 630 Google fonts
    • Unlimited typography styles
    • Related posts
    • Lazy load slider

    Technical Features:

    • Responsive design based on Skeleton Framework
    • Admin post the video, music and etc
    • User can view the post
    • User can add the own commend
    • CMS module for contact archives pages
    • Secure admin panel
    • SEO friendly URL
    • Advance theme option panel for easy to customize
    • All latest browsers compatible
    • Localized supported for language translation
    • Typography custom settings
    • Social network icon integrate
    • Post format support for gallery, audio, video, quote, image etc..
    • Different layouts and custom widgets
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    Bulk email script

    $99.00 $350.00
    • Its quick, fast and flexible
    • Flexible pricing plan
    • A responsive team to resolve your issues instantly
    • Four types of membership packages
    • User can create a group
    • Users email count for separate in total, send, receive and left
    • Users can view the email send report
    • Custom template
    • Admin can send newsletter through user
    • Secure admin panel
    • Admin can view the site statics
    • Admin can manage the member report

    We offer the software with full source code and we provide bug free technical support for 10 years and update for 5 years so that you can focus keen into your business. We also provide full customized software as per your requirement, since we have 1400+ clients all around the world.

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    Business community script

    $75.00 $149.00

    Create your own Business Community Script with inetcommunity script.

    Network community script includes Jobs module which has job recruiter & jobseekers module like complete jobsite and its functionalities, freelancer, Groups to socialize, Ask expert to get experts advice, Polls module to post the polls and post opinion online to get the survey of polls

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