Automated Travel Script -API Based


This website works as a Search Engine for travelers to find the Best Value Hotels, Flights, as well as Car Rental Deals in planning their trip. The Website has 3 major travel affiliate programs that will pay you when people use this website. The website also has Travel Amazon Store integrated with the site. Visitors buy travel gears from the website & you earn commission from AMAZON!

All they’ve got to do is to input their desired travel destination, and the relevant dates, and the Search Engine will automatically sift through its database and return only the best deals tailored to the inputted criterion. Each time your traffic CLICKS on the deals suggested by the Search Engine, you’ll be making AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS. The average you can expect to make with this website is $1 – $4 per visitor. This means with as little as 100 visitors per day you could earn $100 – $400 per day.

There is no limit to the amount you can make per visitor as the affiliate company will pay you per lead. For example, if one visitor clicks on 10 hotel suppliers, you could easily make $10 from that single user.


This site is professionally designed and developed in such a way that ensures a complete user friendly service. IMPORTANT: You don’t have to make a single sale in order to make money! With this premium design and framework, the site has been developed as user responsive, reliable and superior among its competitors to make sure your user satisfaction. So the more your visitor clicks, the more you earn. Increasing your user’s average time spent on the site increases the chances of more clicks and higher affiliate commission.


– Hotel search engine (2 million hotel deals & 100 + travel sites)
– Flight price comparison search engine (More than 1000 deals)
– Rental car search engine (More than 1000’s of deals)
– Travel Amazon Store (Over Thousands Products)
– Travel related videos
– Awesome travel guide blog area


This site is 100% AUTO-PILOT. That means the website is fully automated and self updating. All that’s required to start earning money from this website is to drive traffic. Also this website is very newbie friendly as there is no maintenance required.

– No Programming Skills Needed
– No Maintenance Time Required
– It Updates Regularly from the Affiliate Suppliers
– A 100% auto-pilot Business with great potential
– An exceptionally designed website


This site is brand new and has not generated any traffic. To help with the traffic generation, I will include a step by step guide on building traffic. This is my own personal guide that has worked for me without a problem so I know it will work for you. Your business/websites are nothing without marketing so this would be the most important element to anybody’s online success.

$199.00 $99.00


Affiliate Hotels, Flights, Cruises and Cars Search Engine – 100% Automated is a professionally designed highly converting Hotel Search Engine; dedicated to help travelers find the best hotels, flights and car rental deals at their holiday destination. This type of websites is extremely popular and highly profitable now days as it has an awesome way for monetization. 100% Automated High Converting Travel Site with KILLER Design ($1-4 Per Lead) – 230,000 Hotel and 600 Airlines Database – Start Earning Money From Today – $4.5K BIN Bonus

Stop Wasting your Time and money with ugly Travel Affiliate Sites that DON’T CONVERT!!!

Start your own Profitable, Automated Travel website today with this Highly Converting Designed website.


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